Welcome to the sunny land of Tajikistan!
If you plan to go for a trip to Tajikistan, the country of eternal glacier and breathtaking mountains and you don’t have the slightest idea how to organize this trip, please give us this concern. Our company is always glad to offer car rental service with a driver and without a driver in the territory of Tajikistan. Our experienced specialists will help you when choosing reliable and suitable cars to the occasion for your safe and hassle-free stay in our country. If you can`t decide which place to visit, so our experts on organizing interesting excursions and trips will help you to choose a place which pleases you with its unique beauty. With the rental cars without a driver in Dushanbe you are able to drive not only to the favorite places of interest for tourists but also you are able to visit out-of-the-way Alpine areas incomparable with its beauty.  Being partners in rental car in Dushanbe you will get a highly standard service, excellent cars and thrilling mood.  
Rental cars in Tajikistan are accessible for all tourists. Our company is dealing with rental cars for many years and recommended itself as one of the reliable partners in rental cars.

Our company is ready to offer you a range of services:
- Rental car with a driver;
- Rental car without a driver;
- Organizing and seeing off to the Airport;
On contacting us you will have a range of advantages:
- Low prices;
- Rental cars for any terms;
- Provision of cars in the day of  inquiry
- Twenty-four-hour delivery and return of the car free of charge in any countries;
- Minimum documents for the registration of the rental car;
- Fast and easy registration of the rent;
With our cars there will not be any problems with you on the roads. All the cars pass regular technical examinations and they have insurances. If you are interested in our proposals and wish to get information in detail contact us in our E-mail address. Our advisers will reply to all of your questions you are interested in and will help you to choose a car according to your demands and wishes at the profitable prices.
We provide only high-quality services in the sphere of rent. 

The cars which are available for rent:
Land Cruiser 105-2006 year 
Land Cruiser  78    -2012 year 
Toyta Rav 4 -2007 year 
Toyta Cruiser Prado-2007 year 
Hyndai starex 4x4 -2000 year  
Hyndai starex -2000 year
The price of the rent is from 60 to 120 US$ per day.

Besides cars we also provide you with buses for your comfort ASIA STAR (37 seats) -2019 year and HYNDAI COUNTY (19 seats) – 2010 year for the group tour. 
The price of the rent depends on:
- The amount of days spent driving
- Proposed route 
- The models of the chosen cars

Rental car without a driver:
- The car is provided to persons over 25 years old;
- To have a driving license;
- Passport;

Using the car:
- The maximum mileage of the car must be “350 km per day”. When this distance is exceeded and there should be an additional payment for each 1 km.

Providing the rent of the car:
Delivering the rental car is free of charge in any time of a day, without weekends or holidays. 

The price of the rental car includes:
- Car insurance;
- Repair of the running gears of the car.

The payment for the rental car is received:
-  Transfer through a bank;
- By Visa and Master Cards;
- By cash.

The terms of payment for the rental car:
- As soon as you receive the car you must accomplish the whole payment for the rental car;
- After receiving the car to make a guarantee deposit of 300$ - 500$ and on returning the car the money should be given back to the client if there is no damage to the car. 

The guarantee deposit should be kept fully or partially for:
- Broken glass, the sum of the caused damage should be kept;
- Deterioration of tires;
- Scratches or dents on the car:
In case of damage for the sum of less than 500$ for the repair of scratches or dents only the sum of the damage should be kept;
In case of damage for the sum of more than 500$, 500$ should be kept and the rest of it is covered by insurance;
In case of the whole damage 1000$ should be kept and the rest of it is covered by insurance.

Rental car with a driver:
- Before a day of the rent the payment should be accomplished 100%
- If you cancel the rent within 24 hours – fine 0%
- in case of cancelling the rental car in less than 24 hours – 30% fine from the total price of the rent.